About Us

EduSip is an online review community created through a mobile application developed by EduSip India. This app is developed with a vision to provide awareness to all learners along with their parents and guardians about all the features in favor and against various educational, professional and skill development institutes in India collectively addressed by us as Enablers.

We believe that collaborated feedback sharing will multiply the benefit of every individual’s experience by several times. Our app is an open medium to rate and review just about any teaching enterprise in India. You may address and assess not only your school, college or university but also any dance, music, sport or fitness class in your locality. You may also rate and review any particular teacher who was a source of major positive influence or cause of unexpected dissatisfaction.

It is high time we compelled all the education providers in our city, state and country to level up to all their career-defining claims.

Reviews on the EduSip app will not be just a one-sided monologue. It gives Institutes and teachers the freedom to respond, acknowledge, discuss and disagree with the viewpoints expressed by learners and their guardians. Every individual has the choice to provide a fearless evaluation on any educator or institute. (We strictly follow anonymous policy and never disclose the identity of any learner or their guardian – until and unless they choose to disclose it on their own.)

How does it work?

EduSip is a very user-friendly application that will allow you to voice your opinion to an audience who will specifically value your point of view. We provide you with a tool to express your feelings at ease. Through this app, learners and guardians need to simply log in to review any Institute or teacher. The app also authorizes you to add and review any Institute or teacher not available in our listing.

Parents no longer need to wait for a parent-teacher meeting or seek an appointment with an institute admin to share their concern. They can initiate a discussion with the enabler while seeking the additional perspective of other people in similar situations in case they need one.

With the safety of anonymity, now you can raise your voice for the resolution of your issues.

However, EduSip does not encourage anybody to exploit the benefit of anonymity to defame any teacher or Institute out of spite or misdirected anger. All users will be expected to justify the cause of their grievances so that it is possible to address them with reason.

The vision behind EduSip

In today’s competitive world it is your right to invest your time and money in an Institute most suitable to your goals. But, clarity of perspective often gets clouded by exaggerated claims and hyped promises generated through marketing.

We at Edusip want to integrate the community of learners and help them make an informed selection of an Institute or Teacher since educators at all levels play a vital role in shaping our career and setting us up for life.Re-evaluating and re-visiting your study/training period within a dedicated community will help you analyze the worth of your experience while assisting others to figure out the most appropriate path to their goals.

Our app will also create an opportunity to recognize Institutes/Teachers who provide quality education but lack the sufficient resources for advertisement.

The team behind EduSip

Our panel comprises of proficient thinkers, technocrats, and proud life-long learners, all of whom subscribe to a single focus on improving the quality of education in India. This team is dedicated to connecting you with a community that creates a strong learner’s network. This support system will benefit everyone at an individual level that will validate and recognize only the best practices in the education industry.

The core team of EduSip is further supported by a brilliant team of IT professionals who are qualified to design, develop, deploy and update seamless applications for any kind of website and smartphone operating system.