EduSip Features

Edusip is a free app developed with an aim to connect learners looking for any kind of education or skill development with the most suitable Institute / Teacher to cater as per their needs. Our intention is to bring all learners and enablers together on a common interactive platform.    

We don’t want anybody to suffer in confusion due to lack of information.

Through EduSip we want you to benefit from the experiences of other like-minded people and make an informed decision while saving time and energy at the same time. 

The app further gives you the right to review an enabler and voice your opinion about what you think are the best and worst features of their teaching methodology. Your review will help countless aspirants in India and make a contribution towards upgrading the standard of education in the country. 

Rate The Institutes

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most positive experience, rate an Institute or a Teacher based on their usefulness in helping you master your subject/interest area that you enrolled to learn with them.

Share Your Opinions

a) List and discuss the best aspects of your learning process with an Institute.

b )List and elaborate shortcomings of the Institute if any.

Submit Your Review

Submit your reviews and help others get a better perspective on the inner workings of the institutes

Follow People and Get Followed

Follow other users who share your area of interest. Like-minded people will appreciate if a genuine source can offer a second opinion by frankly describing practical issues one tends to overlook while sharing past problems during their period of study or learning if any.  

Locate Any Institute

The EduSip app also provides the location of all the listed Institutes which will reveal the proximity of the Institute from the user’s location. For the sake of accuracy, users will have the option to edit or contribute information for a more precise description of the location.  

Contact Institutes Directly

Contact details are available for the benefit of the users in case available reviews and information raise anybody’s interest to get in touch with the concerned Institute. Users can provide additional information or suggest corrections here as well if any contact numbers are no longer active or dysfunctional. 

Other Features

These are just the highlights. Start using the EduSip app now and discover tons of other helpful features and rewards.

Share Photos

Share photos of your Institute and other facilities on the campus to save your peers the time and effort of commuting to multiple places just to explore and compare different Institutes in person 

Comment On The Go

Any individual can have a candid twoway discussion with an Institute representative or a teacher. Other users will also be allowed to contribute their input. The entire exchange will provide the benefit of a thorough overview of specific situations and concerns to all the readers. 

Complete Anonymity

The identities of all learners and their guardians on our platform will be anonymous. We do not intend to disclose the identities of our users under any circumstance because we want our users to employ this feature to their advantage and be as fair and objective as possible.